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 Questions About the Versions of BarrelTime

Q:   What are the differences between the Demo Version, the Professional Version and the District Director's Version?
A:   The Demo Version is a fully functional Demo of the Professional Version that shuts itself off after 60 days.  Two months should be sufficient time for you to try the system out and assess its potential.
    The District Director's version is for someone doing only NBHA District Shows.  It does not support other racing sanctioning or formats not needed by NBHA District Directors.
    The Professional Version supports a wide variety of sanctionings, rules and formats.
    The Super Show Version combines the Professional Version PLUS support for NBHA Super Shows in a separate database.
    You can upgrade from the Demo to a full version by calling Sandune Data Systems (719-378-2320) for an upgrade key.

Q:   What happens to my data if I forget to upgrade in time?
A:   Nothing.  Your data becomes inaccessable until you upgrade.

Q:   What about the Super Show Version?
A:   The Super Show Version which supports NBHA Super Shows is now available as an upgrade option under v4.2.

Q:   Why is BarrelTime a subscription with an annual fee?
A:   Experience with the previous versions of BarrelTime has shown that the pool of potential users is relatively small, yet the complexity of the software and the constantly changing rules by the various sanctioning organizations, plus the requests from users for additional features, show that BarrelTime will continue to need updates and changes.  The annual fee helps assure that BarrelTime will continue to be supported, updated and improved.

Q:   What does BarrelTime cost?
A:   The Free Demo can be downloaded from this site or ordered on CD for $10 (p&h). Deductible from order.
The Directors Version 1st year subscription costs $199.95 with a $75 annual renewal.
The Professional Version 1st year subscription costs $299.95 with a $100 annual renewal.
The Super Show Version 1st year subscription costs $399.95 with a $150 annual renewal.

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 Questions About the use of Electronic Timers

Q:   Do I need an Electronic Timer to use BarrelTime?
A:   No.  Run Time input can be done manually at any time, including when the Run Time is coming from the timer.

Q:   Which Electronic Timers can I use?
A:   BarrelTime supports FarmTek, Pegasus and SportaTrak Timers.

Q:   How do I know my timer is working?
A:   Plug you timer into the computer's serial port (most use the DB9 serial port - newer laptops use the USB port with a USB/Serial adapter).  Then go to BarrelTime's Main Menu "Timer" and select "Eye Test" from the sub-menu.  Pegasus & FarmTek Timers can be tested using only the base unit, although an Eye Test with the eyes attached is recommended before each race.

Q:   My Timer is plugged in, but the Eye Test doesn't show that it's working. Now what?
A:   First, double check that BarrelTime is looking for the right timer; each unit sends a different signal.  Go to the Main Menu "Utilities" then select "Set Up Defaults" from the sub-menu followed by "Electronic Timer Set Up".  Follow the prompts to assure that BarrelTime is looking for the right timer on the correct COM port.  You will be returned to the desktop to re-initialize the Eye defaults whether or not a change was made.
      If the timer still doesn't work, check that the cables are correctly attached.  Also check that the cable is a serial cable and not a null modem cable.

Q:   How do I know which COM Port to use?
A:   Win98/ME - Right Click on the My Computer icon and select "Properties" from the menu.  Click on the Device Manager Tab, then the "+" in front of "Ports ".  The avaliable COM Ports will be listed.
       WinXP - Click on "Start", then Right Click on My Computer and select "Properties" from the menu.  Click on the " Hardware" tab, then the "Device Manager" button.   The available COM Ports will be listed.
       If the timer is plugged directly into the computer, you may have to try each port listed to find the right one.  If you are going through a USB Serial Adapter, the adapter should be identified showing the port.  (Note update/patch issued 12/15/03 increasing the number of COM ports for USB Serial Adapters.  Users of versions prior to 4.1t are urged to upgrade to add this capability & fix some other items.)

Q:   I'm already using the FarmTek Display/Scoreboard.  How do I plug in the computer?
A:   Go to your nearest Radio Shack® and pick up a #42-2570 Stereo Headphone Y Adapter.  Hint: Don't tell them you're using this with a computer application or they'll try to sell you something else that doesn't work.

Q:   My New Laptop Computer doesn't have a Serial Port.  What do I do now?
A:   You will need a USB Serial Adapter -- often sold as PDA Adapters. The adapters we've tested require the installation of a device driver. (DO NOT Lose the Installation CD [device driver] -- or you will have to buy a new cable and CD if/when you change/upgrade your computer.)
       The Dynex USB Serial Adapter sold at Best Buy works well.
       The Belkin USB Serial Adapter Model #F5U109 works fine if you already are using a serial cable.
       In our testing the . Model #GUC232A did not work with the timer or other communications software
 If you are using v4.1m or earlier, you need to upgrade to the newest version to reach COM Ports beyond COM4.

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 Questions About the Time/Race Data Entry Window

Q:   I pressed the "Run Barrels" button before the Rider started the Run, but nothing shows on the computer until the clock is stopped.  Is something wrong with my setup?
A:   No.  We would love to be able to display "live time" on the computer, but the electronic timers do not return a starting signal or a running time signal that the computer can use.

Q:   I forgot to press the "Run Barrels" button before the Rider started the Run.  What now?
A:   The "Run Barrels" button can be pressed at any time before the Rider stops the clock.  See previous question.

Q:   Somehow the Rider's time came in wrong from the electronic timer.  What now?
A:   If the "Time OK" button has not been pressed/clicked yet, click on/press the "Re-Enter Time" button, then press the "Home" key to position the cursor for keyboard entry of the correct time.  If the "Time OK" button was pressed/clicked, see the following question.

Q:   The Rider's time was entered wrong.  What now?
A:   Click on the "Run Data" tab, Scroll up to the Run needing corrction, Click the "Edit Run" buttton, make the correction(s), then Click the "Save Edit" button to save the change(s).

Q:   The Rider hit a barrel and it wasn't recorded on the computer.  What now?
A:   See the above question.  Be sure when Editing to change ALL fields and check boxes that need changing.  The Time Penalty or DQ for Barrels hit will not be automatically handled in the Edit.

Q:   How do I handle a Re-Run?
A:   Press the "Jump Run" button and respond that there will be a Re-Run when asked.  Note: When you are ready for the Re-Run(s), Click on the "Full Order" tab, then Return to the "Timer" tab, and Quit to the Main Menu.  When you return to the "Race Data Entry" window, the Re-Run(s) will be next up.

Q:   I don't know what happened, but the system's "Drag" indicator is out of sequence.  What now?
A:   At the next (actual) Drag -- Quit to the Main Menu.  When you go back into the Race Data Entry Window, the Drag indicator will be reset.

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