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BarrelTime Basic -- Features & Options

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BarrelTime  Show Management Software -- list of Features
   Let's take a detailed look at the system's features

Sanctions, Splits & Points Draws & Run Order
    BarrelTime Basic  Does Not supports sanctions or point tracking --
      Default Formats
    • Back Yard     1D, 2D & 3D Barrels & Poles with 1 Sec Splits
    • Small Show         1D - 4D Barrels & Poles, ½ & 1 Sec Splits
    • Small Show Plus    1D - 5D Barrels & Poles, ½ & 1 Sec Splits

    • User Selectable
    • Pole Bending      1 Sec to 2 Sec Splits
    BarrelTime uses Smart Draw to set Run Order --
    • Assures that Riders riding more than one horse are adequately spaced
    • Optional Draw Assignment during Race Registration (Poker Chips)
    • Permits Full Race Re-Draw
    • Allows Specific Relocation of Runs
    • RollOver/Carry Forward (ALL or Selected) Times to Another Race.
    • Print Run Order with or without drags - with blank lines for times
    • Print Alphabetic list of Riders with their Run Number
Racing Formats Race Time Entry
  • BarrelTime Basic supports Barrel Racing & Pole Bending with --
    • 5D, 4D, 3D, 2D & 1D Divisional Formats
    • ½ Second 1st Division (Except Back Yard)
    • Full Second 1st Division
    • ½ Second All Divisions (Except Back Yard)
    • Numerous Pole Bending Split Options
    BarrelTime's Smart Entry Data Entry Window keeps you informed during the race --
    • Data Entry Window Supports FarmTek, Thunderpaws, and Pegasus Timers -- or manual entry (Back Yard Keyboard Only)
    • Smart Entry Adds Penalty or DQs for Barrels knocked per Race Rules
    • On-Screen Display of Show & Race Name
    • On-Screen Display of Current Run Status
    • On-Screen Display of Number of Runs, Current Run Number, Runs Left, Runs/Drag, # Drags Left
    • On-Screen Display of Rider & Horse in Arena, On Deck, In the Hole, & Get Ready
    • On-Screen Display of Best Time & Rider's Name
    • On-Screen Display of Next Drag Location
    • One Button-Click to Scratch a Run -- One Button-Click to Scratch a Run
    • You are one Tab-Click away from the Current Division Standings
    • You are one Tab-Click away from Run Data & Run Data Edit
    • You are one Tab-Click away from the Waiting to Run list or the Full Run Order
Race Results Membership & District/Club Management
    BarrelTime's Smart Results Print Immediate Race Results --
    • Times and Payouts
    • Handles 2-way and 3-way ties for payout and points
    BarrelTime's Smart Data management keeps track of --
    • Member address, phone numbers, email and other contact info
    • Horse names, ownership and transfers
    • Shows and Activities
Show Management Reports & Printing Options
    BarrelTime Basic supports the Show Manager by --
    • Manages Added Money and Administrative Fees for Correct Payouts
    • Checks DOB for Youth and Senior Races
    • Copy Races to a New Show
    • Copy Riders to a New Race
    • Maintain one copy of data on your office desktop computer while maintaining another on your field/laptop
    • Utilities for maintianing mirror image on both machines
    • Utilities for Data Bckup
    • Print Run Order Worksheets w/wo Drags
    • Print Late Registration during drag
    • Print 1099 Misc. Income Forms
    BarrelTime Basic generates dozens of reports and lists --
    • Many Reports can be sent to a Screen Preview first, then printed directly from the Previewer
    • Print Run Order with or without drags - with blank lines for times
    • Print Alphabetic list of Riders with their Run Order Number
    • Race Results with Times and Payouts
    • Print Name and Membership lists with address & phone number options
    • Print Rider & Horses list
    • List for Dues Paid/Outstanding