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BarrelTime  -- Help Files
Click Here:      BarrelTime Help
     The full BarrelTime Help file is available here for your referece and review.   See how BarrelTime works.
       See the options that make BarrelTime work for you!
          NOTE: BarrelTime Help is stand-alone on your computer -- you do not need internet access to view the Help Files.
            Many Arenas do not have internet accessibility!

     The Big Push for BarrelTime development over the past few months has been to bring the Help Files up to date with the many changes and improvements that have occurred in recent years.   Unfortunately, Help Files are always, "something to get to" after the "important" changes are made.   The reality is that there is always an "important" change to make!

     It was time to stop, take a breath, and bring the Help Files up-to-date.   Also, by working on the Help Files, we had a chance to do some systematic QC work, and found lots of minor, but ultimately important details that needed attention.   Not to mention some "bugs" that resulted from failure to update options that hadn't been visited recently, but had been affected changes in other parts of BarrelTime.

     The PLAN is to continue/finish the Help Files/QC work.   The "finished" version will be released soon as BarrelTime v5.9, at which point in time, all focus will be on BarrelTime v6.0 which will have many New Feature and Options, but will carry foreward from the current BarrelTime v5 base.

BarrelTime  -- User Manuals
Click Here:    BarrelTime Help PDF 9.46mb

     This is the Complete BarrelTime Help File in PDF format.   Download the BarrelTime Help File or from the Downloads Page.

     The Manuals below are selected printouts from the BarrelTime Help file available here in a printer friendly PDF format.
          Each topic in the manuals can be downloaded separately.

Beginners Manuals Mastering the Race Timer Window Electric Eye Topics
BarrelTime Setup 300kb
Rider & Horse Entry 220kb
Show Setup 250kb
Registering Riders & Horses 260kb
Direct Entry of Races (after race) 240kb
Printing Order of Run (before show) 200kb
Printing Name Order (before show) 345kb
The Timer Window 160kb
Printing Race Results 190kb
Backing Up Data 100kb
Update Data from Backup 100kb
Electric Eye Setup 140kb
The Timer Window 160kb
Timing Runs 640kb
Timer Window Tabs 50kb
Printing Race Results 190kb
Electric Eye Setup 140kb
Electronic Timer Setup 175kb
Connecting to a FarmTek 195kb
Connecting to a Pegasus 65kb

     Race Printing Options      Managing Checks & Payouts      Your Website
Printing Order of Run (before show) 200kb
Printing Name Order (before show) 345kb
Printing Race Results 190kb
PayOut & Check Menu 70kb
Printing Checks 60kb
List Payouts 140kb
Pre-Race Payouts 50kb
NOTE: The Website Topics will be greatly modified and expanded in/for BarrelTime v6.
Your Website 75kb
Create Your Website with BarrelTime 180kb
Set Up Your Website with BarrelTime 120kb
Maintain Your Website with BarrelTime 110kb

Click on Underlined Manuals/Topics to View, Save or Print the Document(s) with Adobe® Reader™ or another PDF manager such as Nuance® Power PDF™.
Click here if you need to Download Adobe® Reader™ to View/Print the the Document(s).     get_adobe_reader.gif - 4kb
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