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BarrelTimeTM   Pre-Release Version 6.0ß is Here!!

Why a Pre Release ßeta BarrelTime 6.0?
  1. Many Improvements & Changes have been made since v5.9.
  2. Updates to v5.9 are difficult - it doesn't run on the same platform.
  3. Pre-Release v6ß runs on the same new platform making testing and QC faster and more efficient.
  4. BarrelTime Professional 6.0 is the "flagship" product;
    it was developed & tested on the new platform.
  5. BarrelTime 6.0 will introduce additional option packages to give users budget options to fit their needs.
BarrelTime Packages Currently in-Testing:
Version Details & Pricing to be Announced upon Full v6.0 Release
New BarrelTime Professional Version 6.0ß
-- Recommended for Windows 10TM --
Also Windows 8TM, Windows 7TM & Windows VistaTM Compatible!

New to BarrelTime -- User Definable Racing Formats**
-- See summary below --

Too Many Changes for Wait for the Full v6.0 Release!
You are Strondly Urged to Update BarrelTime NOW!

**New BarrelTime -- User Definable Racing Formats
From Back Yard Shows to Professional Productions -- Your Own Racing Rules & Formats!

User Definable:
BarrelTime's User Definable Racing Formats put YOU in control of your races.

Don't Run Nationally Sanctioned Races?
You can pick & choose from the sanctioning that is closest to your need, then change the Race Results Confirmation to print your local racing formats and payouts.

Or, you can set up your own Custom Race Formats then make them your default Race Formats.

Professional Producer?
Set up Custom Race Defintions for the Clubs/Organizations that have special needs or rules. Once defined, just paste the Race(s) into the Show as needed.