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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista Compatible
This version is not Windows XP compatible.

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BarrelTime      Important Upgrade Notes:
     If Upgrading to a Computer that already has BarrelTime, use the backup utility to copy your files to a flash drive.
                Then Install v6.0▀ Due to Windows 8/10 UAC requirements, the New version may install to completely different folders.

Barrel Time Logo

     What's in this Version?: This BarrelTime version contains the core of what will be in the full v6.0 release.
     But there have been too many useful and exciting changes to "hold back" until v6.0 is completely ready to go!

                But before the full v6 can be released:
                1) the Help files need to be brought up to date.
                2) this web site needs a major facelift & update.
                3) a new installer needs to be built.
                4) a code signing certificate needs to be obtained get rid of that annoying and scary,
                     "Do you want to allow the following program fron an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer?" start up.
                5) this v6.0▀ version is the full Professional Version only.  It does not support the less-expensive "dumbed-down" options
                     that will be launched with the v6.0 Full Release.

                So while the finishing touches of v6.0 are being wrapped up, we are introducing this v6.0▀ pre-Release version -- at a special price!
                When the completed v6.0 IS released, your upgrade to the new version will be free of charge.

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BarrelTime Show Manager -- Overview
     See How it Works in a typical Race!


BarrelTime  Show Manager Software Download
     Download a Fully Functional Demo Copy and Give it a Run Around the Barrels!     

             Note:  BarrelTime Downloads are Demo Copies.  An activation key is required beyond the Demo time limit.


BarrelTime  Current Version is Version 6.0▀a4 Release Date: 11/24/2018.
The Help Files (included in the BarrelTime download) are undergoing substantial revision.  Last Help Files update: 10/16/2018.
                     Note: You DO NOT Need to be connected to the Internet to use BarrelTime or the BarrelTime Help Files.

           If you are running ANY Previous version of BarrelTime in Win8, Win7, WinVista -- Upgrade NOW!

           If you are running ANY Previous version of BarrelTime or Barrel Racer in WinXP, WinME, Win98, Win95 -- or even DOS -- Upgrade NOW!

           BarrelTime v6.0▀ download is a 32MB Self-Installing file "BarrelTime_Installer.EXE.":  

How to Download and Install BarrelTime

  1. Click on "Download BarrelTime " to download the Installation file "BarrelTime_Installer.EXE."

  2. When prompted, Click on [Save] or [Save File] to save the installer to your computer - then Run the Installer from your Downloads Folder.
    Your Browser may give you warnings about Downloading Files and Prompt you for a response....
    Note: The name of the file will be changed to "BarrelTime_Installer.EXE" for the following screen shots.

              Internet Explorer Download Prompt  [Save]                                                                FireFox Download Prompt  [Save File]

              Google Chrome Download Prompt  [Keep]

    Your Virus Protection Software may give you additional prompts or warnings.

  3. Go to " Downloads" (or the folder you chosen for downloads) to find "BarrelTime_Installer.EXE."
     (The installer may display on your machine as "BarrelTime_Installer.EXE").  Run "BarrelTime_Installer.EXE" to install BarrelTime.   You may get a prompt that looks like this:

  4. Windows 10 & Windows 8 may also warn you about Downloading/Running the Installer Files like this....

     Microsoft® doesn't want you to Download ANYTHING they are not being paid for; anything else is treated as a Virus!
     Click on "More info."

     Click on [Run anyway].  "BarrelTime_Installer.EXE" is the BarrelTime Installer.


BarrelTime  Updates - Current: v6.0▀a4 Issued 11/24/2018.
     Keep your copy of the BarrelTime up-to-date.

             Check this site from time to time for updates to keep your copy current.             


      What's in the Works?    Coming soon:
  •     In v6.0 Full Version:
  • A Code Signed Publisher's Certificate
  •    (To get rid of Microsofts's annoying "Unknown Publisher" warning's)
  • New Networking options and capabilities.
  • New Sanctioning Organizations.
  • Numerous New Web Enchncements
            If you are using any version older than v5.9 of BarrelTime
            or any version of Barrel Racer * we STRONGLY suggest that you download the current version.
            * (Yes, even your old DOS version qualifies for an update/upgrade!)

            Windows XP Users:   Windows XP and below are no longer supported.

How to Update BarrelTime

  1. Back up your data (just in case) to a flash drive or other removable media:
    Open BarrelTime.  From the Main Menu select | Utilities | Back Up Data Files | - then follow the Backup prompts.
  2. Download and Re-Install BarrelTime as described above.                                   (Click here to Download á▀arrelTime)
  3. Then Install v6.0. Due to Windows8 UAC requirements --
          v6.0 will install to completely different folders from previous versions.
    You will be able to run both versions/installations independently.
  4. During the Re-Instllation you will see the installer re-indexing your files.
    You will also be propmted by the installer to re-start BarrelTime from the desktop.
  5. When the re-installation has finished, open BarrelTime from the new desktop icon.
     The updated version number on the main menu page will confirm the successful installation.
           Download the BarrelTime v6.0▀.

Barrel Time Logo

BarrelTime  Order the Demo CD or a Full Version
     Until the On-Line Store is Open -- Call Sandune Data Systems -- 719-378-2320

                Call for Special v6.0▀ Pre-Release Pricing!
                    Prices and Versions Changes are In the Works

                Note:  BarrelTime Downloads are Demo Copies.  An activation key is required beyond the Demo time limit.
                Demo CD - $10.00 - Refundable w/Order of Full Version
                (The Demo CD is the same Installer that is Posted as a Download Here.)
                Professional Version 1st Year Subscription¹ - Normally $299.95 - Call!
                Director's Version 1st Year Subscription¹ - Normally $199.95 - Call!

                ¹The Annual Subscription Fees may be implimented with Version 6.0 (full version).
                ¹ No Subscription Fees will be charged to users who have purchased earlier versions.
                ¹ BarrelTime's Annual Subscription Fees assure continued upgrades and support for the system.

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