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Designed for Windows 10
Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista Compatible (64 bit)
This version is not Windows XP compatible.
Not tested on a 32 bit computer.

How does BarrelTime Activation Work?

The BarrelTime Downloads are distributed as fully-functional Demo Copies of BarrelTime.

BarrelTime Demos work for 60 days before prompting you for an Activation Code in order to keep working. Review the Comparison Chart to Select the BarrelTime package /Activation code that best fits your needs.
     Note: When the active Demo time expires, the Demo just quits working until an Activation Code is input -- your data is not affected.
     Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall & remove BarrelTime should you decide not to purchase an Activation code.
  • The BarrelTime Professional Demo is the Full Professional Package
    • Activate the Full Professional package from this Demo
    • Activate the District Director's package from this Demo
    • Activate the IBRA package from this Demo (not yet available)
  • The BarrelTime Basic Demo is the Small Show Plus Package
    • Activate the Small Show Plus package from this Demo
    • Activate the Small Show package from this Demo
    • Activate the Back Yard package from this Demo
Annual Subscription Fees
Annual Subscription Fees will be implemented with
Version 6.1 of BarrelTime

Upgrades and Updates from previous versions of BarrelTime always free of charge. (Paid for via subscription fees.)
BarrelTime On-line Store / Shopping Cart expected to be ready by March 15th.