Welcome to BarrelTime

Welcome to BarrelTime – the most complete Barrel Racing Management system available. The numerous features are because of feedback from YOU, the users in the Barrel Racing Community.


If you haven't used BarrelTime, give it a spin. This new version is the easiest to use version of BarrelTime yet! Take a quick look at the "Getting Started" topics – but don't spend too much time reading help files.


The Tutorial Folder already contains about 30 Names and their Horse(s), as well as Races ready for Rider & Horse Registration. After Registration, print the "Run Order" and "Race Results" reports to give you a good feel of how the system works.


Finally, set up your own test show (in the Tutorial Folder) with one race and maybe 20 or so runs for *today, then run the test show. (You won't need to plug-in the timer, although you can.)


After setting up your system defaults, start entering real riders and horses. If you've got records from a small show, Enter the data as a "Direct Entry," then print the "Run Order" and "Race Results" reports to give you a good look at using real data.


*NOTE: The only races that will show up under the "Timer" menu are races with today's date.  Also, the Auto-Draw Run Number routine activates when there are more than 15 horses to work with.