There are two kinds of licenses for using BarrelTime, the Demo License and the Full User License.

Demo License: The BarrelTime Demo License entitles the user to use a demo copy of BarrelTime Professional for 60 days, after which the user needs to purchase an activation key to convert it to a Full User License to continue using BarrelTime under the terms of the license agreement.

Furthermore, the Demo user is entitled to make and distribute copies of the Demo version of BarrelTime provided that all files originally distributed with the BarrelTime Demo are contained in the copies.

Full User License: The BarrelTime Full User License is a "Site License / Subscription" in that the user is allowed to copy the full version of  BarrelTime onto two computers (typically an office desktop computer and an arena laptop) in order to efficiently manage barrel races in the office and in the arena. BarrelTime contains routines to facilitate copying the information from one computer to the other in order to keep both machines current.

Additionally, users who chose to network several computers may set up any number of "Remote" computers networked into the "Main" computer in order to have two or more registration stations available, or to run the Arena computer as a remote.   BarrelTime contains routines to facilitate setting up the "remote" computer stations; the "main" computer serves as the data server for the network.

NOTE: Simply stated -- you need one Full User License as long a you are only running one show at a time. 

If you are running more than one show at a time, please contact Sandune Data Systems for a Multiple Site Use License.

The user may make copies of the Demo Disk for distribution -- See Demo Version topic.