Select the | Utilities | Set Up Defaults | Electronic Timer Set Up | Menu choice.  You will be advised that BarrelTime will need to be restarted after selecting/modifying the Timer, then the Eye Test will load:



Select the Timer you are using and press [Test] -- the Eye Test starts immediately:



The test will start at the first available COM port.  When you click [OK] the computer will try to connect to the COM port for 30 seconds; the Eye Test screen will count down.


NOTE: You CANNOT exit from the COM Port Test once the Eye Test count down starts -- if a connection is not successfully made, you must wait for the system to count down.


If the COM Port does not successfully connect, Eye Test advises you and moves on to check the next available COM port.  It checks the first 25 COM Ports for connections; successful connections are usually made from COM1 to COM7.




After a successful connection is made, Eye Test writes the connection information to BarrelTime's configuration defaults, then Exits back to the Desktop to Save this Default Timer Connection.


If you are unsuccessful after checking all COM ports - COM1 through COM25 - close down BarrelTime and double check your timer and cable connections.


Back in the DOS days, your choice was COM1 or COM2. Today's computers with multiple USB ports and other I/O ports more typically use COM3 to COM5, or even higher. But -- each computer is different.

What can make it even more confusing, is that the COM port may change from time to time on the same computer depending on whether or not additional devices are plugged into it.

NOTE: Be sure to Test your timer each time you use it!   Don't wait for the first run to discover that the timer is not working!

After this Initial Set Up, use | Timer | Eye Test | to test the Timer.