There are a few conventions used in this Help File that are used to help you identify what you are looking at or what you should do (and hopefully not confuse you).

NOTE: This is an important tip or hint. 

Window Headings are named using a Blue Bold Typeface: 

This is a BarrelTime Window Heading

Many Windows have more than one page; the additional pages are accessed by clicking on the labeled tab. The Help instructions will tell you to Click on Tab "TabName" to move you to the correct page.

Warnings or on-screen messages are written using Red Bold Typeface:

This is a Warning Message

Menu Chains are written in Times Bold Typeface with a separator (" | ") between each sub-menu selection: | Main Menu | Sub-Menu Choice | Sub-Sub-Menu |

If the information in the Help Topic relates to a specific Window, the Menu Chains are displayed at the bottom of the page for quick reference.

Anything that you are supposed to enter from the keyboard is written using Courier Bold Typeface: Type this in the field,with a green "field" background.

Also, BarrelTime folders/directories are written in Courier Bold: "C:\Sandata\Barreltime\Data."