The Checkbook in BarrelTime is optimized for tracking and/or writing PayOut Checks.  However, you could use it for tracking all your Barrel Racing/Show expenses by writing all you checks through BarrelTime.


If you desire to track/write non-PayOut checks, Click the | Files | Checkbook  | menu option to bring up the CheckBook Manager:



You can [Add]/[Edit] checks here to run the next time you Print a check run.  Or, you can use one of the other Check Listing options found under the Check Printing/Listing menu: | Print | Payouts & Checks... |


The lines under the "Pay To:" line are address lines for mailing the check; the "For:" line is the check's Memo line. The "[_] Printed" checkbox keeps the check from being re-printed when checked -- automatically checked during printing (or as instructed during listing.)


When you do a Check Run, ALL Checks not checked as "Printed" will print.  The Check No. is assigned sequentially during printing.


[Void] replaces Pay To: with "** VOID ** and zeros out the dollar amount.  The check is not Deleted; the Check No. and check are preserved in the file.


NOTE: Prior to Printing Checks, you need to set up your check printing format.  See: | Utilities | Set-Up Defaults | Check Formats | Define Check Format |


Reminder: Set/Edit your Starting Check Number on the  "Settings" tab of the BarrelTime defaults screen: | Utilities | Set Up Defaults | Barrel Racer Defaults |