Start Using BarrelTime 

 When you first open BarrelTime (either from a CD or from a download), you are automatically sent to the BarrelTime Set Up Defaults Window. If you're reading this, you have already seen it!  These defaults are the first step in Customizing Barreltime to make it yours.  If you need to get back to the Set Up Defaults page to make changes, go to | Utilities | Set Up Defaults | BarrelTime Defaults |.

NOTE: BarrelTime uses several editing screens similar to this one. The Command Buttons at the bottom of the editing screen control what you are able to do with this screen. You cannot Edit this information without first clicking the [Edit] Button. In order to [Add] a new record, you must click the [Add] Button. When a record has been Added or Edited, you must click the [Save] Button to save the changed information, or click the [Ignore] button to not save changes made while editing or adding information.

Organization: Enter the name of your Club, District, or Organization.

NBHA District Directors -- It is highly recommended that you enter your NBHA District using this format: "NBHA -- Colorado Dist CO99" (of course entering your ACTUAL state and district number). This format -- if used consistently across the NBHA districts -- simplifies the merging of district information.

NBHA State Directors -- Enter your NBHA District using this format: "NBHA -- Colorado Dist CO99" for State Level Shows (of course entering your ACTUAL state and district number). The "99" (district 99) tells the system that you are a State Director running a State Show.  Regional Directors use "98."  If you double as a District Director, use your District Number for your District Shows.

Name: Should be your name or the name of the District Director, Club Secretary, etc.

Title: District Director, Secretary, Gopher, etc.

Address & Phone Info: Enter as appropriate.

Click the [Save] Command Button then --

Click on the Sanctioning Tab --

NBHA District: Enter your NBHA District Number. If you are not an NBHA District Director but run NBHA Sanctioned shows or commonly use the NBHA formats, enter the local NBHA District anyway.

Default Rules: Select the Sanctioning Rules under which you run most of your races.

Racing Organizations Sanctioned: Put a check mark in each type of Sanctioning you will use in your shows. The Sanctioning must be checked here in order to set up a show using that sanctioning.

Competition Year Start Month: Select for your Default Sanctioning Organization.

Default Entry Fee: Your usual entry fee.

Non-Member Fee: The usual extra fee paid by non-members of your club or sanctioning organization.

Annual Dues: The club, district or sanctioning organizations fee that you need to keep track of.

Click the [Save] Command Button then --

Click on the Settings Tab --

Speed Keys: You can use the Function Keys "F2" through "F10" as address speed keys when entering names and address. If you want to redefine the Speed Keys, do it here. Note that "F10" is the name of your city from the first page of this window. Hitting "F10" sure beats typing "Albuquerque" or "Cincinnati" dozens of times!

Closing: Used with the form letter routine. Edit this if you prefer a different standard closing to your letters.

Logo: Select from the included sanctioning logos. The default is "MyLogo.jpg." If you have your own logo, make a .jpg copy of it named "MyLogo.jpg" and replace the default.

Whole Dollar Payments: Check this if you want your payouts rounded to whole dollar amounts. (You will introduce a "rounding factor" that can be as large as +/- $0.99 in your payout totals.)

Last Check Number: If you are printing checks from this system, enter the last check number issued here.

Here the Whole Dollar Payout has been selected, and the "NBHA2" logo has been selected. Once this change is [Save]d, these will become your defaults.

| Utilities | Set Up Defaults | Barrel Racer Defaults |