Stall Assignment during Racer Registration is the most efficient way to handle Stall Assignment.


Stall Assignment is Initialized by checking the Stall Assignment Checkbox on the Show Set-up Page:


This will create a special of "Race" named "Stall Assignment" with a race number of "000" for the Show.  In addition to the Stall Assignment, Stall Fees and Bedding Fees are set up and tracked through the Stall Assignment.


While Registering the Rider & Horse for the Show, Select the Stall Assignment "Race," the Horse's Name and click [Register Run] to Assign a Stall to the Rider and Horse.



BarrelTime will NOT allow you to Assign duplicate Stall Numbers.  It will warn you if you are assigning more than one stall to the same Horse and Rider, but will allow you to assign more than one stall.