The First Step in setting up Custom Races is to Change the BarrelTime Set-Up Defaults to allow for Custom Races -- Go to the Set-Up Defaults in the Utilities: | Utilities | Set Up Defaults | BarrelTime Defaults |


Click on the "Sanctioning" tab.  In the Sanctioning section, check the "Other Sanctioning" checkbox.


Then select one of the Custom Points radio buttons.

The default, "No Points" is used if none of your Custom Race formats assigns points. 

Select "Standard Points" to assign 5 points to 1st Place, 4 points to 2nd Place, etc., to 1 point for 5th place.

"Custom Points" gives you the ability to assign any other point system, including bonus points.


The Second Step - Click on the "Settings" tab.  If you input a Name under the "Custom Club Defaults," that name will be used on the header of your Custom Race reports.  You can use the same name as you default organization name, or something totally different.



Input a 2 to 4 letter abbreviation for your "Custom Club / Custom Race Organization" in the "Abbr:" field.


Save your inputs, then [Quit].  You will be taken back to the Desktop so that BarrelTime can load the new defaults when it starts up.


Re-open BarrelTime. When you check your BarrelTime defaults you will see that the "Other" sanctioning checkboxes in Set-Up and other screens have become your custom club's abbreviation:




The Final Step is to start setting up your Custom Races.