The Custom Race Defaults form displays after Custom Race Activation:



The Custom Race Defaults Organization Page borrows information from BarrelTime Set-Up Defaults.  Edit or modify as desired.  You can set up more than one Organization Defaults page but there can be only one "Default Organization."


The Custom Races page/tab is where each Custom Race is created.  You can define as many Custom Races as needed for each organization.  Three pages are needed to fully define each race:



Click [Add] to enter your Custom Race Name.  Set the Race Format, Youth/Senior if appropriate, entry fees, and other settings as needed.


Click the "Custom Points" tab:



Click [Edit] to set the Points Distribution here, as well as the Divisional Percentage, and other defaults for the race available on this page.  If you input a "Bonus Points" value, you will be asked to define the bonus as a "Qualification Bonus" (given for a qualifying run) or a "Participation Bonus" (given for making a run). 

Custom Splits can be defined here.


Click on the "Custom Pay-Outs" tab:



This is where you set your Pay-Out schedule based on the number of riders.  You will [Add] each page of the Pay-Out Schedule:





Although Pay-Outs for more than 20 places are unusual, you have the option of paying up to 30 places.