Setting Up Shows

   To set up a show, go to | Files | Shows | in the Main Menu. For the purpose of BarrelTime software, a "Show" is one or more races run on one or more days staged as single event.

Notice that the Show Manager window has four tabbed pages. Each page relates to differing aspects of the Show. Here's how they're used:

NOTE: BarrelTime uses a number of editing screens similar to this one. The Command Buttons at the bottom of the editing screen control what you are able to do with this screen. You cannot Edit this information without first clicking the [Edit] Button. In order to [Add] a new record, you must click the [Add] Button. When a record has been Added or Edited, you must click the [Save] Button to ave the changed information, or click the [Ignore] button to not save the changed information.

Shows Page -- This is where you enter the information about the Show -- Umbrella information that applies to all the races run in this show.

Show: Enter the name of the Show: ("Sandunes Extravaganza")

Arena/Location: Name of the Arena or Location. ("Sandune Arena" or "Zapata Ranch")

City & State: Wherever the Show is located. ("Nowhere, CO")

Show Date: Obviously the Show Date. If the show spans more than one day, input the show's  first date.

NOTE: Click on the Calendar to pick & review the show date.

Stall Assignment: Check "[_] Stall Assignment" if there are stalls available for assignment at this Show. Checking this box initiates the Stall Assignments tracking and reporting routines. When checked, a "Race" named "Stall Assignment," race number "000" is generated for this show and used to track stall assignments and fees.  See: | Register | Assign Stalls | and | Print | Assigned Stalls | for more info.

Show No: Automatically assigned. The first two digits is the year. The next three digits are assigned serially. (Fields with a blue background are not user editable.)

View by: Sets the display order to Name Order, Show Number or Date when you [Find] the show.

Races Page:

Races Page -- This is where you enter the details about each race in the show.  The Show Information is carried forward from the Shows tab. (Fields with a blue background are not user editable.)

Race Name : Enter the Name of the Race. ("Novice Buckle Race")

NOTE: If this is the First Go of any race, enter it as "1st Go" + racename. (example, "1st Go Calamity Race") The words "1st Go" (not case sensitive) in the race name triggers sub routines to manage multi-go races.

NOTE: If this is a Rollover race (times from another race will be "rolled-over" or "carried forward" from another race) -- include the word "Rollover" (not case sensitive) in the race name to trigger sub routines that manage Rollover races. 

Race Date: Enter/confirm the Race Date either directly from the keyboard.

NOTE: Click on the Calendar to pick & review the race date(s).

Race No: Automatically generated serially for each race. "Race" number "000" is used byt the system for Stall Assignments.

Rules: Select the Primary Division Rules/Format for the race.

Yth/Snr: Select "Y" or "S" for Youth or Senior Races. The contestant's eligibility will be checked against their date of birth and the sanctioning organization's rules.

Open Race: Defaults to checked (true). Uncheck (false) if members of the Sanctioning Organization are the only riders eligible to run in the race. This is checked against the rider's membership information in the Name/Address file.

Pole Bending: Check here if this is a Pole Bending Race rather than a Barrel Race. You can run Pole Bending Races as standard races or as 2-D to 4-D races.

Half Sec 1st Div: Depending on the Rules you selected in the Set Up Defaults, this will either be checked (true) or not checked (false). When checked (true) the first division will be a   second first division; unchecked (false) a 1 second first division.

Half Sec 4 Divs: When checked (true), all divisions will be   second divisions. Note: Sanctioning Rules will override this option.

Entry Fee / Non-Member Fee: Change if different from the default values.

Sanctioned by: Check the appropriate Sanctioning Organization. Only one or none of the Sanctioning Checkboxes should be checked. (This above example is a non-sanctioned race.) If the Sanctioning Organization you need is disabled, you must enable it on the Set Up Defaults. (The example below is from an NBHA sanctioned race.)

Sponsoring District: For NBHA Sanctioned Races, enter/confirm the Sponsoring District Number.

Co-Sanctioned Dists: For NBHA Sanctioned Races, enter all Co-Sanctioning Districts for this race here. NBHA Show Reports will be generated for each Co-Sanctioning District Director.

Race Finished: Automatically checked when race is has been run.

Race Info Page -- For the most part, this information is automatically generated when the race report is run. Edit this information only if the race information was incorrect at the time of generating the race reports and it is not self-corrected after generating a corrected race report.

Run Data Page -- Again, this information is automatically generated elsewhere. The Run Data cannot be edited from this page.

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