Use this option to Quickly Assign Run Numbers when there are too few riders to do an Auto Draw (generally 15 or less):



Find/Highlight the desired Rider/Horse; the cursor is placed into the Run Number field at the lower left.  Input the desired Run Number, then click [Save].


This option can also be used to [Edit] existing Run Numbers when you want to make a change.  For example, the Auto Draw may have put two riders who share the same horse in the same drag!


After you [Save] a change, the name(s) appear in the Run Order.  If the name seems to disappear you may have to scroll down to find it.  After Assigning/Editing, scroll down to view the Run Number Assignments to assure that you didn't skip or duplicate run numbers.


RollOver Runs can be Flagged here as well.  If the time is to be Carried Forward from another Race, leave the Run# "0.0" and Check the Rollover Checkbox.  Or UnCheck if not a RollOver Run.


Note: The Race Name contains the word "Rollover" in order to trigger the Rollover/Carry Forward functions.

If you don't want the word "Rollover" on the Race Results Report, change the name prior to printing. 


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