The Check Layout Designer formats your printer output to match your check style:



Step 1: There are several predefined check formats included as examples in the Check Layout Designer.  See which one is closest to the format of your checks.  Note that the voucher and/or check stub formats are defined on their respective tab(s), and that you can only access the voucher or stub tab if the checkbox is checked.


Step 2: Measure one of your blank checks to see where the printer needs to print; measurements are taken from the Top and Left of the check to where the printer prints each field and input in inches and tenths.  Don't worry if you don't have a ruler that measures in 10ths, just write down your best approximate measurements for each of the fields.  No matter how close you measured, you will have to make adjustments when you test-print.


Step 3: [Add] a new blank format, give it an appropriate name ("My Checks"), and check the [_] Voucher or [_] Stub check box (unless your check has neither).  Fill in the field positioning information from the measurements you wrote down.  Double check the Check Height and be sure that the number of checks per page is correct.  Then input your Voucher or Check Stub measurements.


Step 4: Go to the | Files | Checkbook | menu and input at least three test checks with address and memo line information; most check printing formats have three checks per page.  Recommendation: Make the memo lines, "Check One," Check Two," and "Check Three."   Print the checks to a blank sheet of paper, then hold the test page over your real check blanks to see if/where adjustments are needed.


Adjust your master format as needed, then  before running another test print, go back to the Checkbook page and uncheck the "[_] Printed" checkbox so that the test checks will reprint.


Hint: If Check One is OK, but Check two is printing slightly higher/lower than it should, and Check three is even farther off -- adjust your Check Height setting. 


Step 5: Go to the | Utilities | Set-Up Defaults | Check Formats | Set Check Format | .  Find your new default format that you just set up.  Double check the settings and [Select] your new Default Check Format.  Your check printing format is ready.


Step 6: Once the test checks are printing properly with the default format selected, go back to the Checkbook page to [Delete] the test checks.


Reminder: Set/Edit your Starting Check Number on the  "Settings" tab of the BarrelTime defaults screen: | Utilities | Set Up Defaults | Barrel Racer Defaults |