To connect your computer to the FarmTek timer, you will need to purchase a Computer Interface Cable and a Serial to USB Converter.  (Available as a kit from FarmTek. put link here



The Computer Interface Cable plugs into the FarmTek "Output" jack, which is also where the FarmTek Scoreboard plugs in.  In order to interface both the Computer and Scoreboard, you will also need a Stereo Headphone "Y" Adapter, available from Radio Shack or other sources.



The Serial DB9 to USB (9-pin) Connector plugs into the other end of the Computer Interface Cable with the USB plug going into the computer's USB port.


NOTE: You DO NOT need to set up the eyes to test the FarmTek; you can run your tests manually with the base unit set up as shown above.


NOTE: Be sure to Test your timer each time you use it!   Don't wait for the first run to discover that the timer is not working!

After the Initial Set Up, use | Timer | Eye Test | to test the Timer.