To connect your computer to the Pegasus timer, you will need to purchase a Serial to USB Adapter/Converter, -- often sold as PDA Adapters. 


Watch the gender and plug configuration on the DB-9 end to assure it connects to the Pegasus.  Best to bring the Pegasus base unit into the store with you if you are able.


Obviously, the USB plugs into the USB port on the Computer; the Serial DB9 (9-pin) Connector plugs into the Pegasus.


Our experience has been that not all Serial to USB converters work; we think it may relate to the Win7 and Win8 operating system/drivers.  So be sure to test your set-up before going to a show!


NOTE: Be sure to Test your timer each time you use it!   Don't wait for the first run to discover that the timer is not working!

After this Initial Set Up, use | Timer | Eye Test | to test the Timer.

Also see: Trouble-Shooting Connections.