Rider & Horse Page: Rider/Contestant information and their Horse Names are entered in the Riders & Horses window accessed from Files | Names - Riders & Horses. The first page is for the Rider and Horse information, the second (tab) page is for managing the Rider's membership and sanctioning information.

NOTE: BarrelTime uses numerous editing screens with Command Buttons at the bottom of the screen similar to this. The Command Buttons control what you are able to do on/with screen. You cannot Edit this information without first clicking the [Edit] Button. In order to [Add] a new record, you must click the [Add] Button. When a record has been Added or Edited, you must click the [Save] Button to Save the changed information, or click the [Ignore] button to not save the changed information.

NOTE: There is only one field for the name (instead of one field for the Firstname and a second field for the Lastname). Enter names using a "Lastname, Firstname" format. (That is - Lastname comma space Firstname.) The system usually know when and where to use the "Firstname Lastname" format.  A number of the reports ask you to choose which format you want. 

You can batch-correct names entered in "Firstname Lastname" format: See Names Re-Format.

Enter the name, address and membership information as appropriate.  The entry field's backgrounds turn green when you are adding/editing data.  Fields with a blue background are not user editable.

NOTE: When entering addresses, the system jumps to the Zip Code after the second address line. Enter the Zip Code. The system looks up the City and State for you. (If the Zip Code is wrong or the city/state need changing, you will be able to overwrite the City/State/Zip information during [Add] or in [Edit].)

NOTE: Click the CheckBox following the Phone# to Copy the number into the Cell Phone Field.

Social Security Numbers are not visible except when you are in [Edit] and the cursor is in the SSN field.  That provides on-screen SSN security in that they are not normally visible to anyone looking over your shoulder during race registration.  The SSN is not a required field.

The Date of Birth (DOB) is required for running Youth and Senior Races. The system will grump at you if you enter only partial NBHA information.

Comments: You can put anything you want here. This is the only place it is seen.

Horse Picklist: Enter the horse names for each horse this rider uses. If a horse is shared by contestants, enter the horse's name for each rider that uses it. You will be clicking and picking the horse names from the information you enter here.

NOTE: The vertical command buttons are used to add/edit and manage this rider's horses. The horizontal command buttons are linked to the rider.

NOTE: Editing or Deleting Name & Horse Information: Name, Address and District affiliation changes can be made at any time. However, if someone leaves your club/district for parts unknown (or too far away to participate in your shows), do not delete them from your names file until you have closed out your show year. You need them in the system in order to do the year end reports, and to re-run any other reports or activities in which they participated.

Horse names -- again, if the rider gets rid of a horse, do not delete the horse until after the year-end closing to assure that any reports show the horse participation. If the horse is bought by another rider, just add that horse to the new rider's horses as normal. (The computer thinks it's a different horse.) Obviously, if the horse was not used during the Competition Year (or the Rider did not compete), the deletion can be done immediately.

Click the [Add] command button to add a new name/horse, or the [Edit] command button to edit the information. Click the [Save] button when done.

Finding a Rider: You can use the [Next]/[Previous] Buttons on the first page to find a rider, but it is usually faster to Click on the [Find] Control Button. Then start entering the Rider's last name until it shows on the picklist. Highlight/Pick the name, then Click the [OK] button.  If not found click [Add Rider].

Membership Page: The membership page is for keeping track of membership in the supported sanctioning organizations.

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