BarrelTime uses one field for Rider Names -- the preferred input format is a "Lastname, Firstname" format.

Enter names using a "Lastname, Firstname" format. (That is - Lastname comma space Firstname.) The system usually know when and where to use the "Firstname Lastname" format.  A number of the reports ask you to choose which format you want.  See: Name & Horse Entry


You can use a "Firstname Lastname" format, but the riders will be indexed on their first name.  Alice's will be listed together, followed by Ann's then Annie's, etc.  As your database gets larger, it will become harder to find or remember which "Kelly" you are looking for.  Plus it increases the possibility of picking the wrong "Kelly."  Not to mention nicknames -- is it "Beth" or "Bett" or "Betty" or "Liz?"  Also, the Name Format can be a source for accidental duplicate of names.


Occasionally you might forget.  Or, your helper just entered a batch of names for you -- in the wrong format....


Batch Correct the Names Format: Click on "Names Re-Format." 



You will be asked to do a Backup to Flash -- Just in case something goes wrong, you will not lose you Names/Riders file.


After Backing Up (or [Cancel]ing the Backup) you will received a prompt to advise you how many names (if any) were re-formatted:



NOTE:  Review the names using [Find] in Names/Riders.  A name like "J. P. Morgan" will become "P. Morgan, J."


NOTE:  Back Up your newly re-Formatted Names File.