After Activation of Custom Races, you are ready to Set Up Custom Races.  Select | Files | Custom Races |.  This will bring up an empty Custom Races window:



[Add], then Enter the Race Name.   Select the Race Format and other race options/defaults. 


Do Not check/Un-Check the "Open Race" checkbox if this race is restricted to members of your club.  If the "Half Sec 1st Div" is unchecked, the 1st Div will be a one-second division.  Enter/Edit the Fees as needed.


[Save] and select the "Custom Points" tab:



[Edit] the defaults on this page.  Leave the Points Fields blank if no points will be awarded in this race.  If BOTH horse and rider earn points, flag the check box.  Also flag for "Poker Chip Draw" check box if appropriate.  You can set your default number of runs between drags here.


Also, modify the Percent of the Jackpot paid by Division if appropriate.  [Save] any changes, then select the "Custom Pay-Outs" tab:



[Add], then input the Number of Places Paid, and the number of Runs in this Pay-Out Group, and the Percent Paid per Placing.  [Save], then [Add] to input the next Pay-Out group:



[Save], then [Add] to continue adding Pay-Out groups until the final Pay-Out Group:




Your final Pay-Out group could be something like "From: 200  To: 999." 

Use whatever final "To:" number seems appropriate.