When Entering Riders into a Rollover Race, the first time entry asks:


If you answer [Yes], all the entries into the RollOver Race (or in this case Races) during this entry session will be entered as RollOvers without asking again.  


If you answer [No], check the "Roll Time Over" checkbox to flag entries as a Rollover Runs (which get times from the Source Race) - or leave unchecked to flag that a new run/runtime will happen:


To can change the "Roll All Runs" status, [Quit] to the Main Menu, then start another entry session.


In this example, age checking occurs to assure that the Registrant is age-eligible for the RollOver Race.  If the age checking flags a problem (ie., no DOB) you will be prompted for to accept/decline the Entry.  Or, you can [Edit] the name record to add the DOB.


Note: The Race Name contains the word "Rollover" in order to trigger the Rollover/Carry Forward functions.

If you don't want the word "Rollover" on the Race Results Report, change the name prior to printing.