On occasion, Race Data must be changed or edited after the race has been run and finalized.  Change the Race Data here:


This is one of the few Data Display Screens where you can scroll to see more data.  Scrolling right....


RollOver Runs can be Flagged here as well.  If the time is to be Carried Forward from another Race, leave the Run# "0.0" and Check the Rollover [R/O] Checkbox.  Or UnCheck if not a RollOver Run.




In this example, Run #22 was actually DQ'd, but the error was not found until the Race Results were initially printed showing a Pay-Out of $196 to the Rider. 



The Run was Edited flagging the DQ and zeroing out the Total Time and the Pay Out.  Had Points been awarded for the run, they should be zeroed out also.  Then [Save Edit] which will allow you to [Quit].  Re-Print the Race Results to correct the Results/PayOuts before Posting the Final Results.


Be sure to Re-Run any race reports that will be affected by a Run Edit.


Note: Horse Name Changes must be made through the Horse Registration Change Menu Choice.


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