When a show has already occurred you may want to enter the race/run information into BarrelTime after the fact.  Use the Direct Entry menu choice found under Registration Menu: | Register | Direct Race Entry - Completed Race |

To use Direct Entry, you must have already set up the Show and Races as noted under the "Show Set Up" Help Topic. Once the Show and Race information is entered, you can Register the Rider/Horses and their Run/Time information in one operation using Direct Entry.

From the Main Menu select  | Register | Direct Race Entry - Completed Race |.

Pick the Show, then the Race from the Select Show/Race for Rider Registration window picklists. BE SURE that the Show Name shows in the "Find Show:" field and that the correct Race is highlighted, then click on [OK]. You will be asked to Confirm that the Show and Race selected are correct. Click on [Yes] to continue or [No] to pick again.

If you clicked on [Yes] you are asked to Select the Rider and Horse from the Register Rider & Horse window picklists. You can use the scroll bar for the Rider, but usually it is faster to enter the first few letters of the Rider's last name in the Find Rider field to locate the rider quickly. When the Rider's name appears, click on it (or continue typing until it is all there) then select the Rider's Horse from the picklist.

If the rider and/or horse are not found, click on the [Add/Edit] button to input the rider and/or horse information.

Be sure the Rider's Name is in the Find Rider: field, and that the correct horse is selected, then press [OK]. If the Rider's membership information is OK, you will get a request to confirm that the Rider & Horse are correct. If there is a problem with the Rider's membership or other information, you will get a prompt asking what to do. Follow the prompts as needed. 

Next, you get a prompt to confirm that the fees have been paid. Answer appropriately. 

Finally, you get the Direct Entry of Run Data window, where you enter the Run Data -- Run Time, number of Barrels down, DQ, Scratch or No Time, and Total (Final) Time for the run. Click [OK] , and you are done with this rider and are taken back to the Register Rider & Horse window. 

Sounds complicated, but it goes quickly. 

| Register | Direct Race Entry - Completed Race |