Register Rider & Horse to Race

First -- Set up the Show and Races as noted under the "Show Set Up" Help Topic. Once the Show and Race information is entered, you can Register the Rider and Horses for the upcoming Show. 

   Once the Show and Races are set up - From the Main Menu select | Register | Race Registration -- Rider & Horse |.   First you will be asked to select the Show:

After Picking the Show, you will be taken to the NEW All-in-One Registration Page:

[Find Name], Pick the Race and Horse, Pick the Race, and [Register Run].  That's all there is to it!

The disabled [Save Name] button activates when you [Add Rider] from the Find Name Picklist (see below), or [Add] from the action buttons at the bottom of the window.

Feeling a bit lost?  Maybe got interrupted and don't remember which entry in the stack to enter next? Click [Where Wuz I?]:


This NEW Registration Page allows you to Find/Add/Edit Rider & Horse Information without leaving the page.

You may be asked if you want to Assign the Run Order (Draw) during Race Registration. The default is [No] . BarrelTime expects that most users will use BarrelTime's "Smart Draw" to set the Run Order. If your club does a "Poker Chip" draw at registration, or uses some other method for setting the run order at registration time, click [Yes] in order to input the draw order during race registration.

Next, you get a prompt to confirm that the fees have been paid. Answer appropriately. 

If you try to enter a Rider & Horse twice -- BarrelTime will grump at you!

Otherwise, you'll get a Registration Confirmation.  Brandy is Entry number 8.

NOTE: If this Show has been flagged for Stall Assignments, you will be asked if you want to Assign Stalls during Racer Registration.  You will get this prompt for each race in the show -- but you only Assign Stalls once.


NOTE: It is faster and easier to do Registration and Stall Assignment in one fell swoop, especially with the new Race Registration Window.  See the Stall Assignment topic for more details.


When you click [Find], you are taken to the Find Name Page:

You can use the scroll bar to find the Rider, but usually it is faster to enter the first few letters of the Rider's last name in the Find Rider field. When the Rider's name appears, click on it, then [OK].  If the Rider is not there, click [Add Rider].

Sounds complicated, but it goes quickly. 

| Register | Race Registration -- Rider & Horse |