The Race Data Entry window (also called the "Timer Window") is designed for use in the Announcers/Officials Booth. It gives you control and overview of each Race as it is happening. To get to the Timer Window, enter | Timer | Run Race | from the Main Menu.


You will first be asked to Confirm/Change the Dragging Schedule. The Dragging Schedule defaults to the number of runs suggested by the Sanctioning Organization for the Race. (In reality, most users override this default.)

You will also be asked to Confirm whether or not you are using an Electronic Timer.

NOTE: BarrelTime uses two different time input subroutines - one that is optimized for input from your electronic timer, the other is optimized for keyboard input. When using the electronic timer, you can always manually override the automatically-input time. ( Maybe a dirt clod shut the timer down at 0.13 seconds! )

After answering these questions, the Race Data Entry window is displayed:

There's a lot going on here --
Note the Prompt Line below the tabs. Watch this line. It will guide you through the various steps you will take here.

The information in the Upper Right Hand Corner keeps track of where we are during the race. The Show and Race are in the Upper Middle fields. The Rider and Horse who should be in the Arena and Running (or preparing to run) is below the Show/Race. The next three Riders and Horses up are in the Lower Right, along with the Time-To-Beat. The "Action Controls" are the buttons on the Lower Left. Each of the page Tabs take us to other aspects of the race.