Running the Barrels: About the time the rider breaks the barrier entering the arena, press the [Run Barrels] Action Button:

Note the "Keyboard" symbol above "Run Time" and the prompt below the tabs when time input is in  "Keyboard Time Input" mode.  An "Electric Eye" symbol shows when in "Timer Input Mode" - example below.

NOTE:  (The computer receives a signal from the Electronic Timer only when the timer's clock stops ; there is no signal from the timer to the computer when the clock starts. This means that you can press the [Run Barrels] Action Button at any time after the run starts and before the timer's clock stops -- which sends the Run Time to the computer.)

The cursor is in Run Time field. The computer is waiting for the Run Time as input from the Timer or the Keyboard. When the Run Time comes in (as either Timer or Keyboard input), you are allowed to input other Run Data -- number of Barrels Down, was this run Disqualified (DQ) or a No Time. Enter as appropriate. Then confirm the Run Data by Clicking on the [Time OK] Action Button.  A Drag will follow this run.


Patsy's run was successful at 18.324 seconds. She is now the Time to Beat. Sam is now in the arena; he is run number two. Kate is On Deck. There will be a Drag after Randa's run. Let's see what happens on Sam's run:

Sam had some bad luck! His horse hit a barrel which automatically DQd him. We are ready to Click on the [Time OK] Action Button to confirm the Run, which will put Kate in the arena and advance Ranee to On Deck. Let's see what happens next:

Kate had a GOOD run at 17.155 -- she's now in first place. On this screen, Ranee has already run and Randa's Run #5 is done with an 18.011 time. But there are still 61 runs left. Karen will be running right after the drag -- and Alice is a fast horse!

Action Buttons: We've already used the [Run Barrels] and [Time OK] Action Buttons. What do the the others do?

[Jump Run] Action Button: Click on this Action Button to Skip Over a Rider/Horse without disqualifying them from the Race. They will disappear from the Run Order until you Click on the "Full Order" page tab to bring them to the top of the Run Order.

[Scratch Run] Action Button: Click this Action Button to Scratch a Rider/Horse from the Race.

[Edit Run] Action Button: Click the Edit Run Action Button to move the cursor back to Run Time / Barrels Down / No Time / DQ fields to make a change. Available ONLY if the [Time OK] Action Button has not  been clicked to confirm the run. Usually used when the Run Time needs correction.

When you Scratch or Jump a run, you will be asked how to handle the Dragging Schedule:

If you Jump a run, you will be reminded that you need to Select the "Full Order" Tab when you are ready to move the "Jumped" Rider to the top of the Run Order:

Note: WPRA Races are timed and computed to 1/100 of a second as per WPRA rules.

Note: The electronic timer does not sent a clock-start signal to the computer -- the only signal the computer receives is when the timer's clock stops. For this reason it is not possible to show "live time" on the computer screen.