Print to Screen, Printer or Files

When you choose to Print one of the choices under the Print Menu, most of the items listed (we'll call them all "reports" just for simplicity's sake) give you a number of Printing Options.

Most reports will give you the option of sending the report to the "Screen Preview," "Default Printer" (Laser, Ink Jet, etc.). Some reports will also let you print to a " File." The number options presented depends on the nature of the report. Some reports don't give you a Screen Preview option, others don't give you a Print to File option. Mailing Labels only allow you to print to the Printer. However, a few reports allow you to select from a greater number of choices to select printing formats:

Preview or Screen Preview: This printing option directs the report output to an on-Screen Report Previewer. You can Preview the report, then send it to the Printer from the Previewer.

Printer (Windows Default): This printing option directs the report output to your computer's default Printer. If you have more than one printer, be sure that the printer you plan on using is defined (through the Windows Control Panel or Printer Settings) as your default printer.  Some reports allow you to select alternate installed printers.

Printing to Files: Click on the "File" radio button to select the type of file you want to print to. If the "File" radio button is disabled, the report is not printable to a file.

HTML (for Web Page) Files: This printing option allow you to post the report in HTML format directly to your web folder "C:\Barrelweb." From there, you can post it to your web site.

Text File (for Word Processor): This printing options directs the report output to a text file which is written to a location of your choice such as the "Documents" folder.  You also have the option of setting up a "C:\Barreltext") folder for management of your BarrelTime text files, or to any other location of your choosing through the Dialog box. 

When you choose the Text File option, you will be told the default name of the file (i.e., "Runorder.txt.") which you can change through the Dialog box. You can read the text file with any Word Processor and do whatever you need to with it. Unless you rename the file before printing it to the text file, an old file with the same name will be overwritten.

When printing the Names and Address List or printing to Mailing Labels, you are given the most printing options. Here you can choose whether the last name is printed first or last, whether or not to include the person's phone number, select the printing order (Alphabetical by Name, by Zip Code or by City & State), and whether or not to print the entire list or select a portion of the list based on membership status (including membership expiration).