BarrelTime Version Summary

There are several implementations of BarrelTime, each of them built on the same functional base:


Demo Version: the Demo Version is a full working copy of the "Professional Version," except that the demo license expires in in 60 days, at which time the user must decide whether or not to purchase an activation key. All versions of BarrelTime are distributed as the demo. The activation key determines which licensed version is activated. Cost of Demo: FREE.


Professional Version: The Professional Version is designed to accommodate a wide range of professional barrel racing show management needs. This version supports a wide variety of show formats and sanctioning organizations, as well as the ability to customize the system to meet the show managers needs. It supports rules for the NBHA, BBR, WPRA, and others. Cost $299.95.


Director's Version: The Director's Version is an economical version designed with NBHA District Director in mind. The focus of this version are the races and show management needed by an NBHA district director. Supports NBHA district shows, but options used for other organizations and race formats are limited. Cost $199.95.


Backyard Version: The Backyard Version is a very economical version designed for the neighborhood backyard show.  It supports a database of up to 30 riders with their horses, and up to 12 riders per race. It supports barrel racing and pole bending in a one, two or three division, 1sec/D format. It does not support any sanctioning organizations. Cost $29.95.


Small Show Version: The Small Show Version is another economical version for the races and show management needs of a small nonprofit organization or the occasional show manager. This version is limited to 25 riders/horses per race, and does not support sanctioning organizations such as NBHA. Some racing formats have limited options or may not be available. Cost $74.95.


Small Show Plus: Small Show Plus is the same as the Small Show Version except that it is limited to 50 riders/horses per race. You may outgrow the Small Show Version, and grow into the Small Show Plus version. Upgrade from Small Show for $74.95 or install new for $149.95.


Version Numbers: The opening screen of BarrelTime shows a version number in the format of "", where "N" is the primary version number.  ".n" is the secondary version number and "a" is a sub-version number. For example the first release of version 2 was "v2.0a". The next update was "v2.0b", etc. The "alpha" updates reflect minor changes and improvements (perhaps a single-line bug fix), whereas a change in the primary version number indicates substantial changes/improvements.


DOS Versions are no longer supported. Support for Dot Matrix printers has been dropped.