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The Order of Run - Run Order printing option sends the riders and horses to the printer in the Draw order -- first Rider & Horse in the Draw are first on the list. When you select this menu choice, receive several prompts before printing:

First you are asked to Select the Show and Race.  Then you are asked to select whether you want the report to "print to" the computer screen or to the printer. The printer is the default.

You can also set the Name Format, but the report will print in Run Order.

If the Run Order has not been set, you are asked if you want to Draw the Run Order before printing. (If the Run Order had been set previous to this report, this prompt is skipped.) If you say, [Yes] ....

The system sets the Run (Draw) Order...  and lets you know when it's done.

If you say [No] - I'll Draw Later... The Report Prints the Riders in the order of Registration.

Then it asks if you want to show the Drags on the report.



If the report is going to the Printer, it asks how many copies you need.

Finally, it prints the Run Order report... (to the screen in this example.)

| Print | Order of Run | Run Order |