These are Menu Choices for Printing Standings Reports for the members of your club/district/organization: 

| Print | Standings | Point Standings | For NBHA and other organizations that track points, this report tabulates and the point standings for each division, listed from the high point earner in the division.

| Print | Standings | Winnings Standings | For organizations that track money earned to establish standings. Also interesting to compare with point earnings.

| Print | Standings | Time Standings | For the fun of it! Since Barrel distances and other Arena Conditions can vary greatly, this report is here just for fun.

| Print | Standings | Individual Points | List the Points Earned at each Show for the Selected Individual.

| Print | Standings | List Participation | Individual Participation | Primarily for NBHA -- Lists the Show Participation for the Selected Individual. Handy for documenting participation requirements for advancing to Regional, State or National Shows.

| Print | Standings | List Participation | District Participation | Primarily for NBHA -- Lists the Participation in Shows for all District Members.