The Sweepstakes Racing Format is Two Go-Rounds followed by a Short Go. The three rounds may be on the same or different dates. The Sweepstakes Format is triggered during the Race Setup. 

SWEEPSTAKES FORMAT SETUP : Set up the Show through the Show Set-up screen as normal. If you nave non-sweepstakes races at the show, enter them as normal. Trigger the Sweepstakes Format by entering "1st Go" (no quotes) as the first part of the Race Name (example, "1st Go Youth"). Confirm that you are setting up Sweepstakes Format.

NOTE: DO NOT sanction a Sweepstakes for an organization whose rules do not reflect a Sweepstakes (IE., NBHA, WPRA, etc.). 

After setting up the 1st Go, quit the Race Set-up and register the riders and horses for the 1st Go. Randomize the run order if desired, then View/Print the Run Order Report. When satisfied with the run order, go back to Race Setup and enter the 2nd Go. 

Enter "2nd Go" as the race name. You will be required to pick the Show/Race for the 1st Go so that the riders/horses can be copied into the 2nd Go (no need to enter them again). You will be asked if you want to run the 2nd Go in reverse order from the 1st; if not, do you want to randomize the run order? (If not reversed or randomized it will run in the same order as the 1st.) 

The Short Go will be set up following the 2nd Go-Round using the  | Print | Compound Races | menus. After Setup, you can edit the race name, but keep "1st Go" or "2nd Go" in the name such as "2nd Go Diamond Series." 

After you finish the 2nd Go, print the 2nd Go Run Order again, using the Print 1st/2nd Go option to list (and post) everyone's times, double checking with the official time sheet. Here's a detailed How To: 

Select | Print | Run Order |. Select the Show and Race from the Picklist like normal, selecting the 2nd Go as the Race. [Y]es, you want to print the 1st/2nd Go Recording Lines. Display Run# in 1st Go Order; normally [Y]es to print 1st Go Run# with the 2nd Go Run Order which is normally reverse of the 1st. [Y]es, Display 1st Go Times. Select Show/Race for the 1st Go (times). If there are more than 100 runs, you will be asked if you want to start on run number 1. This allows time printouts during a rake break to use in verifying times without having to print the entire race. 

Note: Print out your Entry Fees Paid report for the 1st Go to get an alphabetized listing showing the 1st Go Run Number & Horse to help find the Rider/Horse run on the 1st/2nd Go time listing. 

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