A Target Race (sometimes called a "Shootout") is made up of two Go's. The first run is the Rider's Target. The person whose second run is closest to their Target without going over the Target time is the winner.

The object is for the second run to be as close as possible in time to the first run. Speed is not as important as consistency. Often the person who is the closest under their first run wins a consolation prize.

An alternate scoring method is closest time regardless of whether or not it is over the Target time. Before generating the results, you will be asked to confirm your scoring method. 

BarrelTime supports three ways of setting up and running a Target Race:

The first is a "Specific" Target Race: Set up the 1st Go by entering "Target Race 1st Go" (no quotes) as the Race name. Then exit the Race Set Up and register the racers. Then set up the "Target Race 2nd Go" and follow the prompts to copy the racer information into the 2nd Go. After running both Go's, use the | Print | Compound Races | Target Race & Results | menu choices to select the runs and print the results. 

The second option is a "Non-specific" Target Race: For example, you can pick the Open 3-D runs on Saturday and Sunday as your 1st & 2nd Go and print Target Race results from those two races. Use the | Print | Compound Races | Target Race & Results | menu choices here also.

Note: With this second option All Rider/Horse combinations found in both runs will be given target times. The first race chosen provides the rider/horse Template for the second race.

The third option is also "Non-specific", but starts out by creating a Template of Rider/Horse combinations to be merged into the final results. This allows you to Register Riders for the Target Race, and then pull the Race Data from another set of races which includes Riders who are not registered for the Target Race. Set up a race named "Target Race Template," (no quotes), as the race name. Then register the Riders/Horses for those who have paid to enter the Target Race. 

After the races (that will be merged into the Target Race) have been run, use the | Print | Compound Races | Target Race & Results | menu choices and select the "Target Race Template" to initialize the race. Follow the prompts (you will end up selecting Show/Race three times) to merge the races into the Target Race Template (which will be renamed to "Target Race 1st Go"). Everyone registered to the Template will be given target time results. 

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