The NBHA State Championships Format is handeled by BarrelTime as a variation of the Sweepstakes Format.


NBHA State Finals Set Up: Enter the Show name as "NBHA State Championship." When BarrelTime sees "State Champ" (not case sensitive) in the Show name, it will ask you to confirm that this is the State Finals. You should say "[Y]es" in order to involk a number of sub-routines that will help you manage the State Finals.

Note: The NBHA State Championships is an NBHA Show but is NOT set up as an NBHA Sanctioned Race; NBHA is NOT Checked in the Sanctioning section of the Race Setup screen. (An NBHA Sanctioned Race accumulates points.)

Only enter the Riders/Horses for the 1st Go as described under Sweepstakes. Let the system enter the 2nd Go for you, as well as handling the NBHA State FinalsShort Go for you.

Strong Suggestion: Print Out the 2nd Go Order of Run after it is finished, using the 1st/2nd Go Recording Lines option - this posts the times for both runs. Use it for double checking the advancement to the Short Go. Watch Out! Only the fastest of the two gos can advance the Rider & Horse to the NBHA State FinalsShort Go. A Rider/Horse can be in the money on one go and still not advance to the Short Go!

This Printing Menu Choice is similar to the "Advance to Short Go" choice, except that it incorporates specific NBHA State Championship rules to qualify the runs which advance to the NBHA State Finals Short Go.

You are asked to confirm how many riders to advance. You are then asked to select the races from the Race Picklist. 

A new Race named "NBHA State Finals Short Go" is created for the Show, and those riders who qualify are advanced to the "Short Go." You have the option of printing the Short Go Run Order from the Slowest Qualifier to Fastest Qualifier or vice versa. 

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