Use this Utility to Copy Data from a Backup that was created on your other machine to keep this one updated with the same information. 

The User Agreement for BarrelTime permits you to load BarrelTime onto two computers and to maintain the information on both machines. For most users this means a Desktop computer in the Office, and a Laptop computer that is used in the Arena for the the Shows. 

There are five essential files for BarrelTime: HORSE.DBF, NAMES.DBF, RACE.DBF, RUN.DBF and SHOWS.DBF which are all found in the "C:\Program Files\BarrelTime\Data" folder. These are the only files that are backed up onto the Removable Media such as a Flash Drive, and the only files that are updated when you use the | Utilities | Update from Backup | Menu Choice to keep the other machine current.

NOTE: Whenever changes are made to the Name/Horse files, or to the Show/Race files, be sure to Update the other computer before doing any work with it.

NOTE: Be sure to Update your Backups Immediately!

NOTE:  Here's an example of why the immediate update is so important: 

Let's say that you ran a Show over the weekend. At the Show, you added five new names, their horses to the Name/Horse database and they ran in one or more races.

On Monday, you've received dues from a couple of members plus a new member application. You sit down at the Office computer, update the dues information and add the new member. Then you Backup the Laptop and Update the Office computer from the Backup. 

Now you run a copy of the Race Results in preparation of sending in the NBHA Show Report. AARGHH!!!

The new member you just added is showing up on the report with points and money -- and they weren't even at the race! And you can't find any trace of the names you added this weekend, including the one that actually won the points and money!! 

What Happened? 

When you updated the dues information, the Name/Horse files were given a Monday date/time stamp so the (older) Name/Horse information from the Saturday race did not copy to the desktop computer. In addition, the new member you added Monday on the desktop computer was given the same internal control number as one added on Saturday on the laptop. No wonder the computer is confused! 

How do I fix it? 

You need to reset the time/date stamp on the files in the laptop. Edit the Name/Horse file by adding a letter to a Rider's name and one of her Horse's name, save the change, then edit out the changes. Edit the Show/Race/Run files in the same manner -- making a change in each, saving it, and editing it out. You only need to edit one record in each file to reset the time/date stamp to being newer than the change to you desktop computer. (Of course this is assuming that the date settings on both machines are correct and the time settings are reasonably close.)

Now Backup/Update from the laptop. Your desktop files now match your laptop files. Don't forget to re-enter the dues and your new member on the desktop. That data was overwritten by the newer (old) information from the laptop! 

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