During installation of BarrelTime a folder is created on you hard drive with the Path/Name "C:\Sandune\Barreltime\Backup" for you to use (or not) as you please. 

One way is to use it is to keep your files current on your second computer via a home/business network, instead of copying files to/from a flash drive or CDR. You have the option of creating a Backup Folder as a default on your network.

| Utilities | Backup to C:\..\BarrelTime\Backup | functions just like the | Utilities | Backup Files | except that the backup files go to the Backup Folder instead of the Removable Media. You can then use your network to copy the files to the other computer, then update them using | Utilities | Update from C:\..\BarrelTime\Backup |.

NOTE: Be sure to keep the location of the most recent files in mind when you do this. READ | Utilities | Backup Data Files | to assure you are aware of the potential data loss problems if this isn't done right.

Another way to use this folder, is to simply keep an emergency, backup copy of you data on it. (Always keep a removable media backup copy of your most recent data. If your hard drive fails and you have no backup on a flash drive or other removable media -- you're up that famous creek ....) 

If you don't intend on using the "C:\Sandune\Barreltime\Backup" folder in any manner, the folder can be deleted without affecting BarrelTime.