When you host an NBHA Co-Sanctioned Show with two or more participating NBHA Districts, be sure to set up the Co-Sanctioning fields for each co-sanctioned race.  Usually that would the NBHA Open 4D, the NBHA Youth, and the NBHA Senior races.  The Race Setup Screen should look similar to this:

In this example, District CO33 is Hosting the show and is Co-Sanctioning the show with Districts CO01 and CO03.  Participants from those three districts will earn NBHA points at this show.  Non-members (this is an Open show) and NBHA members from Districts that are not Co-Sanctioned will not earn points.


Jackpots for each Race in this show are paid out based on Times and Placement withing each Division regardless of Membership.  NBHA Points are based on Run Times within each District; they are computed as if each district was running separate races.  Each District's members compete against other members from the same district for points.


Here is an example of the Race Results at a Co-Sanctioned Open 4D Race -- Sanctioned and Hosted by District CO03 and Co-Sanctioned by District CO02:


McKenna's 15.154 run set the pace for the Race and for Dist CO03, earning the 1D Payout and 5 1D points.  CO03 points are awarded based a 15.154 fastest time for the district; all CO03 1D points were awarded in the Race's 1st Division.


Misty's 15.653 set the pace for Dist CO02.  CO02 points are awarded based on a 15.653 fastest time for the district.  CO02 1D points were awarded in the Race's Division 1 and Division 2.


Sammy's 15.698 run was the fastest run in the Division 2 which gave her the 1st place payout for the Division, but as a non-member earned no points.


Jamie's 15.772 run was the fastest CO03 run in the 2D, which earned her 5 2D points plus the 2nd place Payout for Division 2.


CO02's Division 2 points would start at 16.153, but in this example there are no qualifying CO02 Division 2 runs on the page.