Go to | Utilities | Set Up Defaults | BarrelTime Defaults | to Activate and Set-up Custom Races.


Click on the "Sanctioning" tab:



[Edit] to change the Other Sanctioning Defaults.



Check the [_] Other Sanctioning checkbox, select the "Custom Points" radio button, then [Save].


Select the "Settings" tab:



[Edit] to Enter the Name of your Custom Club.  Be sure to enter a two to four letter Abbreviation for your Custom Club.  [Save] and [Quit] to the Desktop.


Now, Re-Start BarrelTime and go back to the Set Up Defaults.  Select the "Sanctioning" tab:



Your initial Custom Club settings will display on this and the "Setting" tab.


[Quit] to the Desktop, then go to | Files | Custom Races | to start setting up your Custom Races.