Using BarrelTime to Create your Web Site

WebSite | Manage Web Pages | Create New Page(s)

The first step is to create your main page. Click the [Create New Main Page] button. Several things happen....

NOTE: First - A new "C:\BarrelWeb" folder is created on you computer with the following sub-folders:

1a) "C:\BarrelWeb\Images"

1b) "C:\BarrelWeb\Photos"

This new BarrelWeb Folder is where your Draft Web Site resides on your computer. This is where you will work on the site, make changes, and test things out before you post it to the web for the whole world to see.

NOTE: Second - A **DRAFT** main page for your site is generated. This draft main page is to give you a starting point. When you read the text -- Don't Panic -- it's a joke. You'll change all of this before anyone else sees it:

You will be advised that the draft main page has been created. Then you will be asked if you want to look at the page.

Remember, when you look at this page for the first time -- Don't Panic -- it's a joke. The whole page is a dummy (written by a dummy) to give you a starting place. You will change all of this before anyone else sees it. But, if you've never done any web editing before, changing this page will teach you the basics of web editing.

NOTE: Do Not use the [Create New Main Page] button again -- it will overwrite your changes. (If your Main Page exists, you will be warned prior to overwriting - so that you don't overwrite it accidentally.)

The "BarrelWeb" Folders have been set up in the manner that they have, to make is easier to maintain the web site. The "BarrelWeb" folder is the main folder and will contain your HTML code. Keep you photos in the "BarrelWeb\Photos" and your graphic images in the "BarrelWeb\Images" folders to make them easier to find. If you want/need to add additional folders to match you existing website, or to simplify storage/finding of other types of files, go ahead and add sub-folders as needed to the "BarrelWeb" folder.

Click on each of the tabs to create the other draft web files. The Next Step will be "Editing the Existing Pages."

WebSite | Manage Web Pages | Edit Existing Pages

Note: These routines and the details of implementation will be greatly modified and expanded in future releases.