Edit your Site with BarrelTime 

WebSite | Manage Web Pages | Edit Existing Page(s) 

Once your original Web Pages have been created click the [Load Existing Page] button to maintain/edit the pages.

You will use your Web Editor to Edit the pages, saving each to a text (".txt") file. The BarrelTime page generator uses your ".txt" files to generate your web pages as HTML (".htm) files - Web Pages. Each of the pages will be Edited and handled differently:

Start Editing with your Main Page. You will change everything in the main section (the filler text) of the page. You will also add/change/photos as needed, as well as making changes in the header of the page. (Example/How To.). When you are finished, Save the page as "Index.txt" which WebGen will format into your "Index.htm" page. (Note: If you already have a website with its own "Index.htm" that you don't want to replace, save your BarrelTime main page as "Main.txt".)

On the Shows Page you will only edit the Header and Footer sections, saving it to "Shows.txt". The main portion of the page will be changed when you generate the page from your "Shows.txt" file.

Use the Registration Page to post Registeration Information to your web site prior to the race, saving it to "Register.txt". This page may be changed in a future version of BarrelTime to facilitate on-line race registration.

Use the Run/Race Hdr Tab to Edit the Heade defaults that will be used to generate your Web Reports. Save your changes to "RunRace.txt". The main portion of the page will be generated when you Print your Reports to the Web Page.

Edit the Links Page as you see fit. Make it your own, saving it to "Links.txt". The BarrelTime page generator uses your ".txt" file to generate the page.

Note: These routines and the details of implementation will be greatly modified and expanded in future releases.