NOTE: Enter your NBHA District during the Set-up or by re-running set-up. If you are not an NBHA District Director but you do host NBHA Sanctioned Races, go ahead and enter the "home" district that you work with most closely.


NBHA Sanctioned Races are designated in the Race Set-up, where you declare which NBHA Districts are sanctioned for the Show. Enter all Districts that are sanctioned for the particular race.


When a Race is set-up as an NBHA Sanctioned Race, NBHA rules are invoked, and NBHA Members from the Districts identified in the Race set-up will have NBHA Points assigned for qualifying runs.


The NBHA Member's District is set in the Name/Address file. If a member moves to another District, the Name/Address file should be changed. The members points earned in the old District stay there .


NBHA Point Standings can be reported on a District by District basis or by All Districts BarrelTime. Standings are updated each time the "Point Standings Report" is run. View/Print NBHA Standings by selecting the Print | Standings l Point Standings menu selection choices.


NBHA Points are assigned and posted to the Race records during the printout of the (NBHA Sanctioned) Race Results Report. The Point Standings Report asks you for the first and last race dates, then compiles the Point Standings from the show/race records for the requested dates.


In the event that you find NBHA points being assigned to someone who was not an NBHA member at the time of the race (or has changed districts since the race) resulting in incorrect point standings....


Go to the Name/Address record for the problem person and blank out the NBHA District (if they were a non-member at the time of the race) or change it to their District at race time. Then reprint the race. The points will be reassigned and posted correctly. Don't forget to go back and correct the Name/Address record.


The District or Multi-District report will update the next time it runs and the points will be correct. The "problem child" will not receive points for the non-member/non-current