NOTE: NBHA 4-D Races require some special notes.  When setting up an NBHA 4-D race, you must enter the race as an NBHA race in the Show Manager window, and you must select the Rules as either [4D], [4D] [Y]outh or [4D] [S]enior . 

The "Open" Checkbox defaults to True/Checked.  If unChecked/False, the race is restricted to NBHA members only; you are not allowed to register non-members into the race.

4-D races print out with the three divisions clearly identified using NBHA's best time, best time +.5 second, best time +1 second, best time +2 seconds schema for the division separation.  Pay-outs are based on time within each division, regardless of the racer's NBHA Membership status.


Points are assigned based on District identification and division placing: When running NBHA Co-Sanctioned District Races, each District's members compete with members of their own district for points.  For example, if the best time for District 01 was 16.555, the other Dist 01 racer's points are based on that best time.  If the best time for Dist 02 was 17.022, the Dist 02 racer's points are based on that time - even though they are physically running in the same race.  See the NBHA Co-Sanctioned Race Points topic for more detailed information.


In the event that there are no qualifying contestants in one or more divisions (often the case in youth races -- such as no 3-D qualifiers!) the the pay-outs are redistributed to qualifying contestants.


In the event that there are not enough qualifying contestants in one or more of the divisions (again, common in the youth races), you are given a choice of redistributing the "missing" payouts within the division, or redistributing the "missing" payouts equally among all racers who qualify for payouts.


See Help Topics: NBHA Points