An NBHA Youth/Senior Short Race is when there are few enough riders (fewer than six entries) in either or both classes that the Youth/ Senior points are based on their times in the Open 3D.


Enter/Edit the Race Name in Race Setup as/to "Short Youth" and or "Short Senior". Register the riders and horses to the race(s) as normal. Set the race as an NBHA Sanctioned race and enter an entry fee ONLY if there will be a separate Youth/Senior entry fee and payout.


After running the Open 3D, select the "Compound Races" menu choice of the Print menu, and select the "Yth/Snr Short Race" sub-menu choice. You will be instructed to first select the show, then the race. Select the "Short" race. You will then be instructed to select the Open 3D race in which the riders ran for their Yth/Snr points. The system will pull the race data from the Open 3D and rename the race "Youth 3D" or "Senior 3D" You can then print the race results from the "Short Race" as a separate printout as if the Youth or Senior race was actually run as a separate race.


Using this option assures that the Youth and Senior points are

properly assigned and that the NBHA Show Report prints correctly.


See the NBHA Director's Handbook for Rules details.


This Printing Menu Choice creates a new "Youth" or "Senior" race out of an "Open Class" race by copying the Youth or Senior runs in the Open into the new "Youth/Senior Short Race." The new race is then ready to be processed by running the "Race Results Report."


Usually, the way this is done, is that the Youth and or Senior contestants pay both an Open Race entry fee as well as the Youth or Senior entry fee; their only run is in the Open. Another way is that there is only one Race (the Open), but the Youth/Seniors have only paid for the Youth/Senior run.


The Youth/Senior Short Race is an artificial construct created by removing all who riders who don't quilify for the age group.


The Date of Birth (DOB) information in the Names file are essential to this working.


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