After the Race is Run (or entered via Direct Entry) , Select this Menu Choice to Process and Print the Race Results.

After selecting the Race, you will be taken to the Confirm Fees & Payout Details window, where you confirm or change the race defaults and parameters:

As you move from field to field in this window, watch the bottom prompt line as it gives you helpful information about the field.

You will be quizzed about how to distribute the Added Money (added to the Jackpot), and about the Administrative Fees as you input or edit this page. 

If you [J]ackpot the Added Money Split (enter the letter "J" in the field), the Added Money is Split using the same formula as the Jackpot; in this case 40%/30%/20%/10%. [E]qual Division Split would mean $50/division in this case. 

When the system detects that the race part of a Sweepstakes/Futurity Format Race, you are asked if the Added Money figure you input is to be ALL paid on this race. If you answer [N]o, you are asked what percentage of the Added Money is to be paid on this race. The modified Added Money figure is stored and will display the next time this race's results are printed. 

Although each Sanctioning Organization has a recommended Administrative Fees, they ARE NOT Deducted Automatically.

You will be asked how the Admin Fees are deducted and how much they are: 

There are four choices for Administrative Fees Deduction: [P]er Entry, a Percent (%) of the Total, as a [L]ump Sum deducted from the Total, or No Fees collected. Enter [P], [%], [L], or [N] to tell the system which method of fee deduction to use. Select the method of calculating the Administrative Fee. 

If you select [P]er Entry or [L]ump Sum (example $250.00 for managing the race), enter the amount in the prompt.

The final JACKPOT figure should be the Total Money being paid out for THIS RACE. (Entry Fees + Added Money - Admin Fees). If the Jackpot figure is wrong, enter the correct figure and/or redo the confirmation page to correct the numbers. 

The Number of Places Paid and the Percent Paid each placing run defaults to the Sanctioning Organization's payout rules. However, you can override the defaults here. (You could change this race to 2 Places Paid with a 60/40% split.) 

When the information in the Confirm Fees & Payout Details window is correct, Click the "OK" button to Calculate and Print the Race Results.

NOTE: Points and Payouts are calculated and tabulated when you [OK] this screen. 

NOTE: If, after printing this report, the race data is edited, the Race Results must be rerun to assure proper tabulation.

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