Canadian addresses are entered similar to US addresses until you reach the Zip Code field:


Enter "CANADA" in the Zip field (the Zip field self-capitalizes). When the system reads "CANADA" in the Zip field, the State / Province selection screen pops up. Select and enter the correct Province Code, then confirm "CANADA" by pressing the [Enter] key.


Move the cursor into the "City" field and enter the Canadian Postal Code (such as "A1B 2C3")in the last seven spaces of the City field. You may have to abbreviate the City name, or in extreme cases move the City to the second address line in order to fit the available space. Most Canadian cities & postal codes fit.


Other Non-US Addresses:


Enter (non-Canadian) foreign addresses into the database as close as possible to the way they are written. When possible, foreign postal codes should be on the same line as the city.


The country name is entered in the Zip Code field. (The Zip field only accepts capital letters.) Some country names have to be abbreviated to fit in the space available.


Canada is the only country (other than the US) that will use the two character State Code/Province field; leave the state blank for all other countries.