Setting the Run Order / Draw

The Run Order / Draw is set the first time you start to print the Run Order Report. If the Run Order has not been set when you select Print | Order of Run , you are asked to set the run order. (If you do not set the run order, the runs will be printed in the order they were entered into the computer.) 

BarrelTime uses Smart Draw to randomize the runners while assuring there is sufficient space between runs by the same rider.

However, Smart Draw is not infallible, especially when there are few runs and/or a large number of duplicate runners. Also, Smart Draw cannot forsee special situations, such as the need to move a rider to a specific run (due to whatever reason), or riders sharing the same horse (they look like different horses to Smart Draw).

If you need to adjust the Run Order after setting the run order, read the Register | Edit Race Data and Register | ReSet Run Numbers Help Topics.