Printing to Page Printers (Windows)

Page Printers (Laser Printers, Ink Jet Printers, etc.) accept code from the computer that tell the printer where to put thousands of dots on the page. If the printer can do it, the computer tell it what color each dot should be. Every image on the page, whether it is a graphic or the letter "a" is made up of dots; the size and color of the dots depend on the printer's capabilities. The information is sent to the printer one page at a time, hence the term "page printer."

BarrelTime uses whatever printer you have designated on your computer as the default printer. If you have only oner printer, your reports should print properly when they're sent to a Windows default "Page Printer." 

However, if you have more than one printer, you can select which printer to use through the Utilities | Set Up Defaults | Printer Set Up/Properties Menu choice. 

The ability to switch printers is based on the assumption that you have the printers properly set up through Windows.  Many of the BarrelTime printing prompts give you an option to select a different printer than your default printer.

Support for Dot Matrix Printers was dropped as of BarrelTime version 5.0.