The Barrel Racer v1.0 was originally a DOS program written in the dBASEIII+ language and compiled with a cranky dBASEIII+ compiler. Later portions were added to or rewritten in dBASE IV and compiled with a FoxPro compiler. Then dBASE 5 for DOS was used along with a dBASE compiler. The various DOS versions were numbered through v2.7y.

DOS versions 3.0 though the v3.5d were distributed with the Windows versions, and were provided primarily to provide DOS/Windows cross compatibility, and proper migration of data files. Windows version 4.0 was the ßeta version. Barrel Racer Windows version 4.1b was the first release version. 

Barrel Racer Windows version 4.2 was the last version with DOS cross compatibility, and included the Super Show upgrade option along with a number of other new options. 

Starting with version 5.0, the program was renamed " BarrelTime." It includes support for several new racing formats including 5D racing, numerous web related enhancements and website management tools, as well as many other new features. 

The current version 5.8 is the first version that is Windows 8 compatible, and provides backwards compatibility to Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  It is not compatible with Windows XP and previous versions of Windows.  BarrelTime 5.8 may be viewed as a Win8 ßeta version in advance of the planned Windows 6.0 which will have many new features.

The Barrel Racer Windows was written in dBL (the dBASE Landuage) first in Visual dBASE, then dB2K, then dBASE Plus, and currently in dBASE 9.  BarrelTime is compiled using the most recent dBASE 9 compiler.