I want to acknowledge the many barrel racers over the years who have contributed comments and suggestions about ways to improve the Barrel Racer . Little did I know in 1995 when I attended an NBHA-Sponsored Show in Colorado Springs, that I would even consider developing a Barrel Racing program -- not to mention that 20 years later I'd still be at it!! 

Among those that have helped me so much, there are several that I must acknowledge by name: 

First, I have to thank Candy Rodewald, who was the Colorado Dist 03 Director during the first years of development. Without her input, suggestions and gentle cajoling, this project would never have got off the ground. In fact, Candy, you're to blame.... 

Next, I have to thank Merdine Lowe, Utah Dist 03 Director and State Director. Her input was essential in developing some of the non-NBHA formats, as well as being a critical eye and ear for NBHA changes and improvements. Her valuable input continued as one of the Beta testers of the Windows 4.0 version. 

Melody Mixon of Florida Dist 04, and State Director has been an unflappable, indispensable and immense. We've weathered some rough spots and have a better software as a result. Thank you. Melody.

More recently, Dixie Pring, Colorado Dist 03 Director, has stepped in and taken over where Candy left off. Her help and input over the past year or so -- for both NBHA and WPRA issues -- has been critical. Dixie is another ßeta testing Guinea pig. Thanks much, Dixie. 

Lori Roy of the newly created Florida Dist 05 has been great! Not only did she step into a newly created NBHA District, she stepped into the Windows Beta version test without any previous experience with the DOS version. There were no Help Files with Beta 4.0! Big time "Thank you," Lori !

Johnny McDaniel of newly created Florida Dist 10 (and formerly FL05) has been a great help over the past few years. He doesn't say much, but when he does -- you'd better listen! He's a Beta tester, too. Thanks, Johnny.

Finally, I need to acknowledge and thank Mary Israel of Utah District 07. She has used the DOS version for several years; her help has been invaluable in adding the American West 4D racing format to BarrelTime . Mary was another Beta tester. 

Without the help of these special barrel racers, along with other barrel racers not named here, this version of the BarrelTime wouldn't exist. Thank you all!! 

In addition to the barrel racers, I must acknowledge members of the dBASE community for their help: 

First, my thanks to Nicolas Martin for his "serial.cc" dBASE file which was essential to get the timers communicating with dBASE, and Vic McClung for the patch which allowed "serial.cc" to work with dB2K/dBASE Plus. 

Second, thank you the Ken Mayer for his "preview.wfm" screen report previewer, which is used here with very little modification. 

Both of these files were posted to the dBASE Users Function Library project (dUFLP). The ability to use the fruit of their labors saved me hours -- no, weeks! -- of labor. 

These acknowledgements are being edited as I prepare for the Beta release of BarrelTime v5.0. There'll be a whole new crop of acknowledgements soon.... 

Robert L. Schultz 

Sandune Data Systems